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Save more than 65%



Make your dental health a destination with our services of the highest category!

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clinica dental dr.cestero santiago domin



Where we are located?

Calle Estado de Israel #14, Santiago, República Dominicana.

Why choose our dental stay service?

Our dental stay service offers all dental services required at the highest standards and at a very competitive price! 

We use the best materials and techniques the world has to offer and include some optional trips within the Dominican Republic that can be ideal for your recovery. 

What is included in the dental stay service?

We offer all the dental services that you will need to get a beautiful smile. It includes all the services of our dentistry even transportation from the airport to your hotel and from the hotel to our offices. 

What kind of service can you expect from your dental stay?

You can expect first-class materials imported from Switzerland and the highest level of techniques and equipment at a fraction of the cost in the U.S.A, Canada, and Europe. 

What doctor will take care of my treatment during my dental stay?

Dr. Cestero personally takes care of every case that goes through his office and is in charge of all of the procedures conducted by a handful of trusted doctors who have been working with Dr. Cestero for years. 

Your smile is in the hands of 20 years of experience in dentistry and aesthetic treatments. 

Who will organize my reservations?

Your booking and your stay can be organized by our staff. You just need to send us your flight information so we can arrange everything, starting with your pick up at the Santiago International Airport. 

How does the postoperative follow-up work?

We recommend to go to a dentist in your local area at least once per year and send me the x-rays and documents collected so I can check your progress.

We have at least 5 clinics across the United States where you can schedule a follow-up and they can send me your report. 


How do I start the process?

Leave us a comment, give us a call, send us a WhatsApp so we can start planning your trip to your new, beautiful smile! 

Make your dental health a destination with our services of the highest category!

Testimonials from

Our patients


"I came to the Dr. Juan Jose Cestero Dental Clinic on the recommendation of a friend. The truth is that your team is something amazing!" 

"I want to thank Dr. Cestero and his team. I came here with fear and I had to do a lot of work and this is my smile before and after all the work and WITHOUT PAIN, my teeth came out like this."

Make your dental health a destination with our services of the highest category!

"I participated in the Invisalign process and it was very pleasant for me. As you can see, they gave me a perfect smile and then a whitening for which I am very grateful to Dr. Cestero and his team!"





We use the most advanced equipment and techniques of modern dentistry

Make your dental health a destination with our services of the highest category!

clinica dental dr.cestero santiago domin
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