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Transform Your Smile!

-65% OFF

for patients who are interested in our Dental Stay

in Santiago, Dominican Republic

Dental Implant

Cosmetic Dentistry




No commitment!

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clinica dental dr.cestero santiago domin

The Top 4 Reasons to  Choose us!


You are going to pay 65% ​​less than what you would pay in the United States, for the same quality of dental work and for the same materials.

We can help you find a free stay that includes transportation, for your convenience and comfort, so you can enjoy first-class dental care at a more affordable price.

More than 20 years of proven experience, fixing the smiles of thousands of patients from different countries.

We know that your time is valuable, that's why we combine treatments in the best possible way to reduce the time it takes to get your work done.

No commitment!

Testimonials from

Our patients


"I came to the Dr. Juan Jose Cestero Dental Clinic on the recommendation of a friend. The truth is that your team is something amazing!" 

"I want to thank Dr. Cestero and his team. I came here with fear and I had to do a lot of work and this is my smile before and after all the work and WITHOUT PAIN, my teeth came out like this."

Sin Compromiso!

"I participated in the Invisalign process and it was very pleasant for me. As you can see, they gave me a perfect smile and then a whitening for which I am very grateful to Dr. Cestero and his team!"


Dr.Juan José Cestero


Over 20 years of experience

and more than 3.500 satisfied patients!

Dr. Cestero created the dental stay to make implant, cosmetic dentistry, Invisalign affordable for those who always dreamed to have a beautiful smile but won’t able to afford it.


He uses the most advanced equipment, techniques of modern dentistry, and the best quality implants imported from Europe.

His passion for dentistry makes him trusted by more than 3,500 patients world wide.

Request your appointment to have the chance to talk to him about your dreamy smile!

No commitment!

clinica dental dr.cestero santiago domin
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